About capes.
Just something quick and silly. I've been geeking out over Hanna is Not a Boys Namelately and thought I'd try coloring things the way she does. Er... didn't QUITE work, but I am digging the horizontal layout.

I need to get the comics section of this site going. O.O
Grahm, Andrea and myself did some drawin' yesterday. This resulted. Not entirely work safe.
Also there is this.
Ya just had to be there. X)
I got a bunch of 3.5" x 4.5" black mat board scraps a while back and I finally got around to playing with 'em.
Colored pencil and gel-pen seem to work the best. So does just black and white. Spaz... well, that's the best of the color lot. I don't know what he's doing there, and I don't really want to know. XD

I'm going to be doing some little commissions of these pretty soon here so stay tuned. ;D
Just messing around a bit. Loosening up my style, tweaking Spaz's character design, and finishing some lulzy fanart. ;)
Did this the other day when I was listening to John Mellencamps Mr. Happy Go Lucky. Ah, Circling Around the Moon will forever haunt my brain. It's sort of exploring the roses from this more. Anyway, ink, watercolor and a little crayon on this awesome, rough yellow paper I completely forgot I had.
Which would be far more threatening if swords weren't terribly awkward for theropods!
Ink and digital fun for a change. Font found on DaFont.
Slow summer is slow. I need more Superfast Jellyfish. ;)