About the Artist

lol blaaaank for now
Kim Huerta is hatching her world domination schemes one bizarre comic at a time, with hopes that one day, everyone will worship her as they do Chuck Norris. Her influences include Chuck Jones and Tex Avery; comic artists such as Sorachi Hideaki (Gintama), Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun), and Mike Mignola (Hellboy); and Saturday morning cartoons from across the globe. When left to her own devices, Kim primarily draws cartoony things, however she can work in a variety of styles and mediums. She feels that flexibility is key, and isn't afraid to play around with different styles to reach the desired reaction. Her weapon of choice is a pencil, with a follow up strike with brush and ink and/or a G pen nib, with a digital finish, but she also works in watercolor and color pencil to mix things up.

She lives and draws in the Land of Rain and Hippies (occasionally known as Portland, Oregon); is the keeper of an indoor snapdragon, a small cactus, a sister/roommate/musician, a hyperactive cat,  and an anti-social guinea pig. In her spare time she enjoys reading comics, watching cartoons, playing with her bokken, Frisbee, and drawing (it's her hobby as well).

She hails from the embarrassing part of California; recently graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art with a BFA in Illustration, and currently has too much free time on her hands (hiring her could help with that).

About the Sparty

Sparty - which is short for Sparticus - is a very silly dragon who either lives in the artists head, or is secretly Kim in disguise - no one's quite sure which. She first appeared years ago and set herself up as Kims' online alter ego that is thoroughly unprofessional but too well established to ditch.