All comics are hosted off site for sanity purposes (Weebly isn't set up for web comic viewing). At the moment they're all work safe. Some are sketchy, some are clean, and a couple of them are in color.

The Odyssey of Llamacorn

Updates Tuesdays

Half unicorn, half llama, 100% overwhelmed. Llamacorn is on an epic quest to find his estranged unicorn father. Unfortunately, unicorns are dammed hard to find. Fortunately, Llamacorn has Derp the Dragon, and Blue the Forest Guardian to keep him company, and guide him through a world far stranger than he ever imagined.

Spaz Comics

The Spaz is a concept I've been kicking around for six-ish years now. I've drawn a few short comics, a helluva lot of concept art, and one full 30 page chapter. It seems to be in perpetual development hell, always inching with glacial slowness towards launch. Someday my cat-eared friend, some day you'll be unleashed upon the internets in all your glory! But for now, here's some fragments.

The Spaz is a silly serial centered around Jeff "Spaz" Rutherford (a half fey) and Fable (a duck spirit of some sort). They go on many wacky adventures.


Summer 2010

1 page (complete). Spaz has a very fancy cape.

If You Spend All of Your Time Playing Video Games You'll Miss Out on All the Good Stuff!

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Spring 2010
4 page preview of my thesis comic! Naturally, the only complete chapter of Spaz is not online for the most part! I'll get the rest of it up once I'm closer to actually launching the full story.


Winter 2008
4 pages (complete). A pesky squirrel won't let Spaz take a nap. Mayhem ensues.

Untitled Sword Fight

Summer 2008

5 pages (complete). I felt like drawing a sword fight. This would be it.

Assorted Other Comics

Short stories of one-off characters, school assignments and other odd things.

MADAO Hunter D

Winter 2008

5 pages (complete). Final assignment for sci-fi lit. MADAO Hunter D hunts the useless middle aged men of the corporate world, fighting for truth, justice and transparent policy! He also sometimes brings his daughter along to help.

I was sick as a dog when I drew this. And there was a blizzard.

Untitled Conversation

Spring 2008

4 pages (complete). If I recall correctly, the assignment was to design three characters, then draw a conversation discussing the 4th, absent character.

The Red Wheelbarrow

Spring 2008

1 page (complete). The assignment was to illustrate the poem The Red Wheelbarrow (Carlos Williams), but not as what he actually wrote the poem about.

Fan Comics

Doujinshi, if you will. I think I've already established that I'm a giant nerd. Don't worry, no need top break out the brain bleach, just some good old fashioned fan silliness.

Gurren Unicorn

Winter 2009/2010

7 pages (and counting) Charlie the Unicorn meets Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Pray for Charlie.

Not abandoned, just on hiatus...

Bleach: Snowball Doom

Winter 2008

2 pages (complete). Winter fun for a contest. Doom Chappy should totally be canon.

Gintama: Epiphany

Fall 2008

1 page (complete). The lone serious comic in the fan section. This would be a comic equivalent of a song fic (which is fan fiction that integrates song lyrics).

Bleach: What Would You Do...?

Summer 2007

1 page (complete). I lowercased in Capslock Bleach. This was my penance. It sparked many a silly meme. I am proud of myself.  This is still one of my most favorited deviations on Deviant Art.