Seriously, he totally is.
I'm still getting the hang of using this tablet. It's not as responsive as the Intous...s I was using at school, but it's nice for quick coloring. Freakazoid here is 100% digital.

Next we have yet another Sparty redesign!
Well, really more streamlining. I've been studying large birds lately. Specifically the shoebill stork. They look like dinosaurs. :3 They're also very lightly built, which made me realize I'd been drawing Sparty too stocky.

Speaking of dragons, there's a new Spyro the Dragon game coming out. And Spyro looks terrible. I was not amused by this atrocious character design and, to demonstrate a point on a forum, I drew this really fast:
What is so hard about updating a character design? Why does it seem so hard for all of these games companies (Activision is just the latest offender) to make a good Spyro game? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!?   

Wellp, that's it for this art dump.

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