Yeah! Finished stuff! AT LAST! First up, a long overdue kiriban picture for somebody over on Deviant Art!
Also, it has a little story type thing attached to it: Please imagine this being read by the Old Spice Guy.


Legend has it, every bag of Skittles contains an Allskittle; a Skittle of unimaginable power that allows one to EAT ACTUAL RAINBOWS. But, the Allskittle is indistinguishable from a normal, imitation-rainbow flavored Skittle, and is often devoured along with the rest of them. To harness the power of the Allskittle, one cannot eat it, nor can one leave it in proximity to normal Skittles for they confuses the magic, and make it impossible to use the Allskittle to its full potential. No, the only way to possess the power of the Allskittle is to be able to properly identify the Allskittle, then quickly eat every other Skittle in the bag. Then, and only then, can the Allskittle's power be utilized, and rainbows can be captured and eaten!

Please note, that one does not gain the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow by wielding the Allskittle; that requires the use of the Luckiest of Charms. But those are rare, and are just as likely to be the non-marshmallow bits as they are the marshmallow. Also, the Leprechauns really hate it when people eat the rainbow AND steal the gold.

Next is some fanart. The concept had been sitting on the shelf in my brain for a while, and I finally got down to drawing it, the other day. It looked a helluva lot better as a sketch, and the pic has its flaws, but I don't care - I FINALLY FINISHED SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
Hmmm... lightbox doesn't like transparent backgrounds apparently. Might wanna go check this one out on Deviant Art for the transparent background things, and the proper size.

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